Monday, November 8, 2010

Working on a new banner

Today I continued work on the second of the three banners I've been commissioned to construct for United Methodist Church, Hartford.  This second banner reifies the concept, "Growing in God's Grace."

Today I taped three pieces of lath to the pattern so I could stand it up and use it to refer to:

This is my full-size pattern with three pieces of lath taped to the back.

Next, I painted the fabric that will comprise the trunk and branches of the tree.  But before I did, I placed the UN-painted white fabric over the pattern and traced the pattern outlines onto the fabric, using a chalk marker.  I wondered whether the outlines on the fabric would show through once I painted the fabric the browns I wanted to use for the tree.

I used the following combinations:
Lighter tan/rust:  yellow/vermilion/violet
Darker tan/rust:  yellow/orient red/violet

I sprayed the fabric lightly with water, then, using a sponge, I applied first the lighter color, then the darker color to give the tree trunk and branches what I hope will be a sort of mottled look.

And look at this!  The chalk lines show through!  Now I won't have to cut out my second copy of the pattern and painstakingly cut it out and trace it onto the painted fabric and then cut out the painted fabric.  This way the pattern is already there under the paint.

To ensure the mottled look, I sprinkled the wet painted fabric lightly with salt.

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