Monday, May 30, 2011

Today in the, blue, and more blue

I treasure this time of year because I can bask in the glory of the garden I've created and--in a constant spirit of trial and error--continue to create.  In summer, it may look parched and leggy and tatty, but now, in the full flush of late spring, it bursts with juice and vigor, in ethereal shades of blue.

In the foreground, the purple-blue flowers of Baptisia Purple Smoke.  In the background, a hanging pot of Browallia Blue Bells

In another part of the garden, the spikes of a purple-blue baptisia tower over the white foliage and blooms of Lamium White Nancy

In the front landscaping, Spanish bluebells (hyacinthoides hispanica) cozy up to forget-me-nots (some kind of myosotis).
Beside the path to our front door, another kind of blue:  the glaucous glow of Fescue Elijah Blue, flanked by the frosty  blue of sedum cauticola.

The display of blues is matched, elsewhere in the garden, by a bed showing of delicate shades of pink, silver, and maroon.

L--R from left foreground:  Lamiastrum Herman's Pride, Dicentra Formosa (with pink flowers), Heuchera Mocha ( maroon foliage), and Lamium Pink Pewter (white foliage).

Pink, maroon, and silver-white

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