Saturday, December 24, 2011

I started it and I'm gonna finish it!

What was I thinking?
In early December I started work on a comforter cover for the bedroom I share with Joe Rubin.  I bought the fabric when I was still wearing sandals, and at the end of November, it was still sitting on my work table.  I didn't want to go another long winter with the same old dingy comforter cover I'd made several years before.
It was time to start.
It took forever.  Yards and yards of fabric, and the more I sewed them together the heavier it got.
But I HAD to finish it.  I don't think I could bear to  start the new year with a big, starting-to-be-disliked project still hanging over my head and taking up valuable real estate on my work table.
You know how hard it is to pick up unfinished project once you've become sick of it.
Besides, I needed to clear off my work table to make it a holiday gift wrapping station.


Ahem, notice the attention to detail

It's even reversible!

Now it's available for all to enjoy

And at last, my work table has taken over its holiday role as gift wrap central
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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