Monday, September 3, 2012

First Encounter

The bike ride to First Encounter Beach almost didn't happen today, because when I got onto my bike and put my food on the pedal, it flopped uselessly, instead of engaging the chain .  I knew that meant the chain had come off the--the gears, I guess, is what they are. Leah and I inspected and found two places where it had slipped, and without too much trouble, I was able to slip it back where it belonged.  I got a lot of thick black grease on my hands, though.

Bike fixed, we headed to First Encounter Beach, about five miles away along sandy, pine-lined Herring Brook Road, to Samoset Road, where a right turn took us past sweeping green marshes to a tidal estuary where First Encounter River runs into Cape Cod Bay.

First Encounter.  This lovely bay beach, with its sparkling warm shallow water, takes its name from the Europeans' first encounter with the indigenous Nauset people.  It wasn't a peaceful encounter, by some tellings.  And we all know its final result for the Nausets.

I'm sorry for them, but glad to have this lovely beach only a short bike ride away.

Leah, arriving back from First Encounter

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  1. Next time you can use a rag, a paper towel, or one of your art gloves to handle the chain.