Sunday, December 2, 2012

Connecticut Landscapes: Now Open for Viewing

Farmington Valley, Fall: one of my six pieces hanging in the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective's new show, Connecticut Landscapes

It was a raw December day, with the temperature hovering just below freezing and a chilly mist hanging in the air.  Nevertheless, the members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective collected themselves from all over the state, driving from Shelton and Bethany, Waterbury and West Hartford to converge at the Prospect Public Library in the town of Prospect, CT.  There, we hung our show, Connecticut Landscapes, which will grace the library's community room until the end of the month.

It's a lovely library, tucked away in a corner of the town center

Here are Carol Eaton and Mary Lachman, cataloging the works we hung on the wall in preparation for composing a price list

Here's Roz Spann, who always seems to have a bag of useful tools about her person, putting an emergency hanging wire on one of my pieces which was so new I had neglected to attach a hanger to the back.  Thanks, Roz!

Now here's a mini-gallery of my pieces that hang in this show.  You already saw Farmington Valley: Fall at the head of this blog entry.  Here are the other five pieces:


Oak Leaves and Raindrops

Windy Ravine

Fall Picnic I
Edge of Winter
Next, the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective takes this show to the Gunn Memorial Library and Museum, Washington Depot, CT, where it will hang from mid-January to mid-March.


  1. Diane,
    You are pumping them out girl!!! Congratulations!