Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The other day I drove myself deep into the woods of lower Litchfield County, with its stone walls, rolling hills, barns, and homes with stately pillars.
My destination:  the Gunn Memorial Library, in the bucolic town of Washington, Connecticut.

 There the members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective gathered to hang our latest show, Threads, Fabrics, and Dyes as Art, in the library's Stairwell Gallery.

And here we are, the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, posing in front of one of Carol Eaton's lovely ice-dyed pieces.  Left to right:  Mary Lachman, Carol Vinick, Diane Cadrain, Rosalind Spann, and Carol Eaton.

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, we hosted a well-attended reception and basked in peoples' admiration of our work.

Here's Carolyn Hartman, in black, the library staffer who cheered us on and helped make it all happen

Here's our own Roz Spann talking to a reception guest

Here's Carol Vinick explaining one of her pieces to a reception guest

And here I am, posing next to three of the six pieces I have in the show:  Edge of Winter, Farmington Valley Fall, and Fall Picnic.

But the Gunn Library show isn't the only one where my work is hanging this month.  Another is Fiber and Friends, Ed Johnetta Miller's show at the Windsor Art Center, a former freight depot in Windsor, CT, now being put to beneficial use as a public art space.

Here's EdJohnetta, who honored me by her invitation to join her show.

Here's Honeysuckle Eve, my contribution to EdJohnetta's show.  The caption underneath says, "Honeysuckle Eve was a twining vine in the back garden until one evening when she took on human form to play with the fireflies."  It was originally created in 2008 for a show, sponsored by the American Quilting Society, called A Touch of Magic.

I also have work in two other shows this month.  One is hanging at the Unitarian Society of Hartford, my religious congregation, with its spaceship building:

I have four pieces in that show.  Here I am next to one of them, a paper collage called The Way I Feel about Knitting:

Finally, I also have 25 pieces in my own solo show in the community room of the Farmington Public Library, Farmington, CT.

Many thanks to my lovely daughter Lucia for helping me to create this poster for my solo show

And just yesterday, I learned that a library patron who visited my show wants to buy one of the pieces in it!  Glowing Cabbage III will be turned over to the buyer on the day my husband Joe and I strike the show at the end of the month.

Here's Glowing Cabbage III, bound for glory in the home of a private collector.

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