Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scrap Happy: An apron for the budding chef in my life

"What am I going to do with these scraps?" I wondered after finishing a recent project.

Then,  somebody mentioned that a little girl in my life

 ...could use an apron in her own size, because  she likes to cook...

...AND that her favorite color is orange.

A new project was born:  turning those scraps into an apron with the same chevron design I just used:

For a pattern, I could  copy one of the many child-size aprons still living in this house.  You never know when you're going to need one.

I used this one, a gift to one of my daughters from a friend in England.

With a chalk pencil, I traced its outlines onto another piece of fabric:
...then I started sewing those orange strips down onto that fabric, and this is what the apron-to-be looked like at one early stage:

Today I finished it, and here are the results:

Next stop:  Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York,

This kind of traditional piecing is relatively non-challenging and therefore relaxing.  This apron is one of two more traditional quilting projects I'm working on right now, for a pause between more challenging and scary work.  I'm loving it!

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