Saturday, November 14, 2015

Seeking a Path with your Fingers

Seeking a Path With your Fingers.  That was the theme of my felting workshop today, at Hartford's Clare Gallery, offered in conjunction with my fiber art show, Seeking a Path.

Particpants made felted finger labyrinths, a meditation tool both in the making and in the using.

Participants would learn to use a special barbed needle to combine a soft material called wool roving with a substrate of, in this case, fleece.

Twelve people showed many as I had prepared materials for.  An exciting turnout!

I recruited my multiply-creative friend, Robin McCahill, to lead the workshop. 

People really took to this ancient craft.  The soft sensation of the wool roving is part of the allure.

One person chose the extra puffy approach:

Our gentlemen participant used two colors artfully:

The class went half an hour overtime, until the room was needed for something else.  I think that's a sign that everyone enjoyed the experience.

I encourage everyone reading this to take advantage of Robin's felting classes at Artsplace Cheshire, only half an hour southwest of here on I-84:

Take Flight Needle Felting (Grade 3–Adult)
Needle-felt a flying dragon, phoenix, mythical
owl, faerie or your own favorite fantasy
creature using a special barbed needle and
colored wool. Perfect for families.
Monday, 11/16, 6–8pm
#811565C $ 2 5*
Instructor: Robin McCahill Room 3
Pet Portrait Felting (Grade 3–Adult)
Bring a photo of your pet or a favorite
animal and make your own 3D version using
a special barbed needle and colored barbed needle and colored wool.
Monday, 11/23, 6–8pm
#811565D $25*
Instructor: Robin McCahill Room 3

Mythical Drawing from Sculpture Workshop
(Teens/Adults) (4 nights)
This unique workshop will combine
sculpting a mythical or imagined creature
in clay to use as a model for your drawing.
This is an excellent way to create a story
and do multiple drawings as your creature
experiences his or her journey.
Tuesdays/Thursdays, 11/17, 11/19, 12/1, 12/3
6-8:30 pm #811718A $55
Instructor: Robin McCahill Room 3

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