Friday, September 30, 2016

Hands-On Felting: Hands-Only Photos

I'm still teaching needle felting at Hartford's Chrysalis Center, which helps those who live in poverty cope with mental illness, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, release from incarceration and homelessness.

As of about a month ago, I'm under a new injunction to recognize the confidentiality of Chrysalis clients.  Thus: hands-only photos of the folks who are learning needle felting there.

This guy took an image of an eagle (which I'd copied onto raw silk), started applying eagle-colored roving, and went with it.  I'll show you a more-completed piece next time I go to Chrysalis.  He did an amazing job.

Speaking of amazing, this woman worked for months on a faithful and dedicated felted version of Van Gogh's Starry Night.  When she finally finished, I took it home with me to mount with batting and backing and turn it into the work of art it deserves to be.  She wanted to do a unicorn next, so I copied one onto raw silk for her, and that's her current project. 

This guy has been my most consistent student from the start.  His first image: his pit bull, Tank.  Next, a beach scene, an attempt at Monet's water lilies, and his latest:  a panda.  I'm encouraging him to apply grayish roving to get the shadows along the right and left sides of the panda's chin.
This gal also shows up almost every week.  I love her playful sense of color.  This one was inspired by a snow scene on a holiday card.  Look at the great job she did with that tree!

Here's a tiny view of the Connecticut River, completed by a guy who had never picked up a felting needle before:

And in other fiber art news, my buddy Carol is now joining me to teach quilting down at Chrysalis!  Yes!  This new venture required inventorying and buying supplies for the Center's four Janome Magnolias, and Carol's been a mensch!  So look for more hands-only photos as that adventure gets under way.

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