Sunday, November 27, 2016

Open Studio Hartford: the Aftermath.

Two weeks later, and finally the last of the detritus--I mean, art--has been put away.

But for a while, starting a few weeks before Open Studio Hartford, which occurred this year on November 13 and 14, everything was everywhere.

The dining room became a temporary staging area.

Mount Laundry continued to grow.

My work table was a mess.

The kitchen table had a small area reserved for eating; otherwise it was another work space.

I made a lot of felted beads.  They turned out to be the big seller.  I'm so new at making beads that I came up with a response to an emergency customer scenario:  If the beads broke and fell all over the floor as the customer tried them on, I would offer a discount.  Such a deal!

Blessing in disguise:  the making of felted beads offered some satisfaction in the days after the election.  Numb with shock but mostly fear, I found relief in being able to stab the beads with a sharp barbed needle.

On the day appointed for setup of my corner of Open Studio Hartford, at the Connecticut Historical Society, 1 Elizabeth St., on the leafy western edge of the city (

I was unable to set it up because, at the same time, I was teaching felting at the New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT.

Can you believe the Museum made me Artist in Residence for the month of November for their Studio @ 4 youth classes?

So there I was teaching...

...while Joe was setting up my booth at the Historical Society.  What a guy!  He was as good at putting together my panels as he was at setting up a Square device for payment.  I love him for all he does for me.

My table turned out to be strategically located directly across from a rather impressive array of refreshments.

On one end of the table, I invited visitors to try the feel of felting.
Can you see my sign?  It says to try felting because you get to stick something with a sharp barbed needle.

In fact, so many people were interested in the process of felting that 17 of them signed a list stating that they would be interested if I were ever to teach The Felted Landscape again at West Hartford Art League.  I've since spoken with folks at the Art League, and that class will be offered as a one-day workshop on Sunday, February 5, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Check it out!

Here's my latest felted piece, which will give you an idea of the size of the pieces that students in that class will make:

Back at Open Studio:  At 5 pm on Sunday, November 14, it was time to take it all down.

I sold some art, I sold some beads, I attracted interest in teaching another class at the West Hartford Art League, and I made some contacts that may turn out to be valuable.

Not too shabby, I suppose.

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