Monday, January 16, 2017

Today in Art: Kenny's Zebra

 The other day, I added the finishing touches to Kenny's zebra.  Kenny is a client of Hartford's Chrysalis Center, and he's been attending my felting classes on Monday mornings at 11 for over a year now.  He seems to specialize in felted images of animals.  So far, in addition to an image of his pit bull, Tank, he's created a panda

And a cheetah

And now, this zebra.  He did all the felting himself, right down to and including the black and white yarn for the mane.

I think he did a remarkable job, given the number and complexity of the color changes.

He did ask me to add a background, though, which I did.  I also neatened up the stripes a little bit, getting stray bits of black off the white part, and vice versa.  I also added a binding.  Here's what I did:

I'm proud of my work at the Chrysalis Center and gratified that so many of the people with whom I work, like Kenny, love needle felting.

I can't show you Kenny's face, but here are his hands:

Which reminds me, I'll be teaching a one-day workshop, The Felted Landscape, at West Hartford Art League in West Hartford on Sunday, February 2, starting at 10 a.m.:

...and also teaching needle felting for a week as part of Arts Week at Star Island:

Do I know how to have fun or WHAT???

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