Biographical Profile

In 2015 I retired from free-lance work as a lawyer and writer specializing in employment law topics, but I’ve been sewing all my life, starting with hand embroidery as taught by my grandmother at our home in Hamden, CT.  The Hamden public school system taught me machine sewing, and with that skill, I proceeded to construct my own clothes and costumes.  As a law student at Georgetown University Law Center, I learned to knit, and later, in my early 30s, as a new mother, I began quilting.  My quilt work now includes hand-painted fabric, felting, knitted embellishments, hand embroidery, and beading.

My husband, Joseph Rubin, works for Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen.  We have three daughters:  Julia (1982), Leah (1985) and Lucia (10991. 


  1. Hi Diane! I would so love---to have your work at our Higganum Village Farmers' Market, in the wee and wonderful CT River Town of Haddam! Higganum is a much smaller village within Haddam. I'm an original founding member of the market - now going into its 4th year on Higganum Green.When you tell folks you are looking for "Fiber Artists" is such a broad sweep of the needle brush and pen, that...I've been stalled in my efforts to find artisans. Then today, I got the bright idea to simply type Fiber Artists Connecticut in my browser, I am. I would love to tell you more about the market--and the big Fiber Arts Day we have planned for September 28th on the Green. So as not to take up more time and space here in your comment section (and I'm lonely being the only one!!!), please email me, if you will? at: ---and I'll fill you in on all the details. Thank you for your time and consideration! Best Regards, Deb Umba - Chairwoman, Higganum Village Farmers' Market in the Heart of Higganum! ps...I ADORE! curried egg salad!

  2. Hi Diane! So my husband and I are sitting here listening to the incredibly lovely voice of the cantor at Central Synagogue...and my husband begins to Google her name...and lo and behold it is your daughter ;) soon as Eliot said "Cadrain," I thought, hmm, that is a v familiar name from my quilting world. Lo and behold, yes, here you are ;)....I am a huge Carol Eaton fan and saw your name as part of the CT Fiber Arts Collective. Your work is amazing!

    All of which explains my friend request on FB. My name is Laurie employer's social media policy is awful so I renamed my FB account. Continuing in the small-world dept, while we live in Redding, my husband runs the Fidelco Guide Dog Fdn in Bloomfield so we are near West Hfd quite frequently.

    1. Dear Laurie--I just saw your entry on my blog today--almost two years after it was written. Thank you for your compliments on my daughter AND on my fiber art! I'm so flattered! I hope you receive this, and meanwhile, I'll look for other ways to reach you!