Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glowing Hot Cabbage: The Saga Begins

As soon as the CT Fiber Arts Collective decided to do a harvest-themed show, I chose this image.

I traced the image onto tracing paper

then took it to FedEx/Kinko's and had it enlarged a couple of sizes.  Today I put one of the smaller sizes onto the light box, fastened a piece of fabric over the image, then traced the image onto the fabric with chalk.

I'm using this smaller size as a tryout: the real thing will be bigger. I want to make my mistakes, if any, on this trial version.  Note to self:  These colors are not as vibrant as they should be.  Next time try Jacquard Lumiere.
Here's the smaller of two enlargements, placed on the light table and ready to be traced onto fabric with chalk.      

Once I had the outlines traced, I filled them in with Pebeo Setacolor transparent watercolor paints. The colors  are too soft, especially given the vibrancy of those in the original image.

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