Sunday, July 31, 2011

I like my tools nice and sharp. That way, when they cut me, the cuts are clean.

They have to be sharp or they'll drive me bats. rotary cutters,exacto knives, kitchen knives, and scissors.

I suppose cuts are inevitable, especially considering that I swing through my art full-tilt.

When I cut myself yesterday, all I was trying to do was mount a photo on a piece of foamcore board so I could use it as a model for a painting on fabric.

After I cut myself, I stuck the cut together with sterile gauze and triple antibiotic cream and kept working.

I don't like the colors, but that has nothing to do with my cut finger.

Today I finally took the bloody mess to the doctor and got five stitches.

Now how am I goint to work?  Specifically how am I going to be able to quilt this piece here?

On the other..uh, hand, how incapacitated can I be if I'm blogging about  it?


  1. Sorry about your finger. What we suffer for our art! What is it about cabbages that make them so attractive? I have made three whole cloth painted quilts of cabbages, basically using your same technique, but I used acrylic paints right from the tube, diluted with a little water. They came out quite stiff, but I still had no trouble stitching through them.

  2. Today I'm gonna try again with Jacquard Lumiere.