Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now I'm making sleeves for noodles?

Thoreau said we're become the tools of our tools, and I tend to think he's right, especially last night, when I constructed sleeves for noodles.

Sleeves for noodles?  By "noodle," I mean the styrofoam kind that kids use when they're swimming.  It turns out that noodles are very useful for the storage of quilts.  You wrap the quilt around the noodle, pin or tie it shut, and it's safe.

But first you have to cover the noodle with cloth--a sleeve, if you like, or a sock, or even a condom.  Call it what you will, it's a sheath for the noodle.

Last night I cut up an old bathroom curtain that was in my stash and made sleeves for noodles.

Here's a noodle wearing a sleeve made from a bathroom curtain.  I used the rod pocket from the curtain to construct a drawstring, then constructed a new drawstring on the other end.  Such a fashionable noodle.  And now it will have safe sex.

Here are 2 of my quilts, wrapped around their newly-sheathed noodles.

What would Thoreau say?

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