Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective: Hanging our Latest Show

Hanging our show, Read/Red!  L-R Rosalind Spann, Mary Lachman, Karen LoPrete, Toni Torres, Carine Greene, Barbara Khachane, Cher Hurney, Diane Wright
 The librarians had to ask us to keep our voices down.
That's what happens when the members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective pull together to hang a show:  our level of verbiage--and energy--attract attention.
Today we put our energy into hanging our show, Red/Read, which will be available to the public at the Southbury Public Library, Southbury, CT, throughout the month of February 2012.
It includes a "read" component and a "red" component.
The red component:  a 12 x 12 challenge, for which each participant was given a red bag full of red materials, such as ribbons and beads and burlap.
Each of us received these materials.

From those materials, each of us created at 12 x 12 piece of quilting. 
What a variety!  Take a look at a few of our red pieces:
Rosalind Spann rolled some of her ribbons into beads and used the other components to create this yummy red necklace, mounted on red velvet

This is my entry, Red Explosion

Toni Torres visualized a healthy heart

Be Mine, a lovely valentine piece by  Mary Lachman

Here's a look at all of our Red-Read challenge pieces

The "read" component of the show celebrated the written word.  For example, Carol Vinick offered this image of the Chinese folk tale of the moon maidens:

One of my entries, Maple Flowers, illustrates the Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold can Stay.

And members contributed so many other lovely quilts in addition to those.  Take a look!
 Carol Eaton on how a rumor gets started

Signs and Symbols, a lovely tessellated piece by Diane Wright

Barbara Khachane checking out her piece, which was inspired by a newspaper photograph

Salon:  After Matisse by Diane Wright
Come see it all at the Southbury Public Library, 100 Poverty Road, Southbury, CT, until February 29, 2012!

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