Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today I walked into the clear subfreezing January sunshine, got into Joe's little GeoPrizm, and drove it an hour in a southwesterly direction, to Southbury, Connecticut, where the members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective were scheduled to hang our show, Identity and Other Things.
Why are we calling it that?
Because an important part of the show is devoted to the theme of identity. To create the Identity pieces, each participant used fiber art to express her own idiosyncratic singularity in a 12x 12 format. Here's mine:
Sanctuary.  A  red silk heart, fractured and wounded, lies supine on a crusted bed of newsprint bearing chilling headlines.  Despite the darkness of this backdrop, a door in the heart opens to reveal its interior:  a path through a green sanctuary of stillness and peace.

Then, in addition to those Identity pieces, each of us also contributed some of our favorite work.
To get this show under way, I took myself to Southbury, listening to Stephen King's latest, 11.22.63, en route.
Which reminds me, this story does include a grave site and a headstone.
The Southbury Library is an impressive and luxuriously-appointed facility, so luxurious, in fact, that it looked like George Washington might have slept there:
The Southbury Public Library, 100 Poverty Rd., Southbury, CT
Inside, we members of the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective worked collectively to hang our show.
Roz Spann and Carol Eaton did a lot of the heavy lifting for this one.  Thanks, gals!  Here they are going over the specifics with Irene, who coordinates the art shows for the library.

Teamwork!  Carol Eaton and Carine Greene
Karen Loprete, Diane Wright, and Mary Lachman

This show is looking good!

Here's a look at my own contributions:


Many-Colored Polypores

Milkweed Pods

Two Ways of Looking at Seaside Goldenrod

Windy Ravine

I told you this story involved a grave site and a headstone.  When my work was done in Southbury, I made my way to New North Cemetery, Woodbury, CT, to look at the family headstone.  My goal was to check out the feasibility of adding my sister Jeanne's name and dates (1945--2002) and my sister Linda's married name (Mazumdar) and her date of death (2011).  

Is there room for Mazumdar under Linda's name?  And what about Jeanne (1945-2002)?  Where does she fit in?  The family will have to talk about that.

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  1. Lots of teamwork went into hanging the show! It looks great and has already generated interest from Southbury patrons! Thanks for making the long drive...