Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Psst! Hey, fiber artists! Wanna get high?

If so, go to New England Felting Supply in Easthampton, Massachusetts--a playground for fiber artists!
When I was a kid, stationery stores  turned me on.  All that paper, all those blank books!  Later, it was fabric stores, then yarn stores, then art supply stores...and those still turn me on.  But now that I'm a beginner felter, felting supply stores are taking their place among retailers whose products get my creative juices flowing.

So I went to New England Felting Supply today with two of my felting friends, Carol and Sandy.

Look at those colors!  Look at those textures!

So many choices!  So much to learn about this ancient art!

Look at some of the cool things you can make, if you only know how:

A delicate felted scarf

An abstract wall hanging


A vase--I guess--but only for dried things

A fairy

As a beginner felter, I was blown away by the colors, textures, and choices.  Fortunately, though, the staff is both knowledgeable and patient.  Carol, Sandy and I were impressed by the riches.  But after an hour of browsing, we made some selections.

Here's Carol making some choices
Carol showing off her purchases

Here's what I got

Carol and Sandy and Sandy's purchases
 Do we know how to have fun or WHAT!????

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  1. What fun... wish I had joined you! All that inspiration in one place!