Quilt Gallery

2018 Work

Sand and Foam, Created for Explorations:  Journey in Creativity, a show sponsored by the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island chapters of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, and scheduled to hang in the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts

Sand and Foam:  Detail

Sand and Foam, Detail

Portrait of Leo

Portrait of Leo--Detail

Heaven on Earth V--Full

Heaven on Earth V--Detail

Heaven on Earth IV--Full

Heaven on Earth IV--Detail

2017 Work 

Challah cover
Created as a wedding present for my daughter Julia, and the love of her life, Elana Arian
Married on October 29, 2017

Fall Walking into Winter
Felted Landscape
Accepted into the Holiday Show at Spectrum Gallery, Centerbrook, CT, November 2017

 Before the Storm
August-September 2017
This mixed media piece includes felting, hand embroidery, and photo transfer
It was juried into the Provincetown Art Association and Museum's 2017 Members' Juried Show and was purchased from that show by a private collector

Before the Storm, Detail

Sandy Neck, August 2017
Photo transfer, pieced, quilted, and beaded. 
This piece was juried into the Lyme Art Association's 2017 Landscape Exhibit and was purchased by a buyer from Hadlyme, CT

Sandy Neck, Detail

The Last Picnic, July 2017
Felted landscape
The Last Picnic, Detail

Pemetic Trail, June-July 2017
Felted landscape
Pemetic Trail, Detail

Hot Flow--full
June 2017

 Hot Flow, detail
June 2017

June 2017


 Heaven on Earth III
Whole-cloth quilt, painted and quilted
May 2017

Heaven on Earth III, detail

 Out There
Felted landscape
April 2017

Truro Path
Felted landscape
March 2017

Heaven on Earth II, February, 2017
Heaven on earth is that moment when the glory of a sunset is reflected in the shallow water on the sand and the beauty of the sky comes to earth. I would like to be able to live as if heaven were around us all the time.
This piece was juried into the Connecticut Women Artists 2018 Members Juried Show and subsequently (and separately) purchased by a private buyer.

Heaven on Earth II, detail

Tidal Ripples
January 2017
This felted image was raised with cording and quilt batting, then mounted on two layers of painted quilt batting before being mounted on stretcher bars.

Tidal  Ripples, Detail

2016 Work

Six Ways of Looking at the Pattaconk Brook, full image.  This art quilt combines scenic photos and several different kinds of maps as examples of ways to regard the Pattaconk Brook, a watercourse flowing through the town of Chester, Connecticut,

Six Ways of Looking at Pattaconk Brook, Detail.  This tiny art quilt is a photo transfer of a digital image of the Pattaconk Brook in Chester, Connecticut.

Penwood Overlook, Fall 2016
This needle-felted landscape shows the view from an overlook in Penwood State Park, Bloomfield and Simsbury, Connecticut.  The view shows town of Simsbury and the Farmington Valley, lying beneath this trap rock ridge.

Land's End, Mid-April, Sunset
Full view
This needle-felted landscape is based on a photo taken by Khay, a college friend of my daughter Leah, who live in San Francisco.  Khay took this picture in a place called Land's End, on a weekend afternoon in mid April as day tilted into evening

Land's End, Mid-April, Sunset--Detail

Layers, Literally--full view.  This quilt, created for a competition called Layered Voices, answers the question that has baffled philosophers since time before time:  what is the connection between a chicken and a pan of lasagne?  The answer is that a chicken is a layer and a lasagne is layered.  Look closely and you can see all kinds of layered things in this quilt, including not only a lasagne, but a layer cake, a geode, and tectonic layers.  Each square was itself layered with a tiny quilt, a piece of silk paper, another tiny quilt, a felted square, and a photo transfer of an image of something layered.
Here's the layer--a chicken image.  This was first felted, then heavily embroidered, then quilted, using a trapunto technique.

A layered lasagne. This whole creation is a corny pun, but a clever and skillfully-made one, if I say so myself.  Nevertheless, it was not chosen for the national competition called Layered Voices, which ended up taking only a tiny fraction of the hundreds entered.  If I had known that the juror and curator were going to accept such a tiny handful, I wouldn't have created this.  It was fun, but it was a log of work.

This quilt gallery usually displays only art quilts, but I'm proud to say that I made this traditional quilt as a high school graduation gift for my friend and neighbor, 
Grace Percival, in summer of 2016.

Another traditional quilt from the summer of 2016, this one a graduation gift for my niece, Megan Milo, who lives in Woodland Hills, California.

The Mushroom Barn at Auer Farm
Bloomfield, CT
Felting, thread painting, quilting
This piece was selected to appear in Meadow Life, a celebration of Connecticut's open spaces, at the Slater Museum in Norwich, Connecticut from June 12 to August 6, 2016.
It was then donated to Auer Farm, a 4-H facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut, to help raise funds to stabilize the structure and repair the roof of this unique building, which is made of hollow clay tiles.

The Mushroom Barn at Auer Farm, Detail

Last Day of Summer, First Encounter Beach
Felting, quilting, embroidery, thread painting, beading
This piece took Best in Mixed Media and the Brooks Kelly Award at the Cape Cod Art Association's All Cape Cod show in 2017

Last Day of Summer, First Encounter Beach (detail)

Striped Beach with Dog II

Striped Beach With Dog II

Juggs, who is a cross between a Jack Russell terrier and a pug,  belongs to my daughter Leah and her partner, Lindsey, who live in Culver City, California.

In the lower right-hand corner of the quilt there are two different kinds of visual puns on the name Juggs.
There are more visual puns below the g's.

2015 Work

Striped Beach with Dog I


Striped Beach with Dog I--Detail

Streetside Lace
Sold October 2017
Collection of Margaret Clark 
Streetside Lace, Detail

 Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth--Detail

 Under the Charter Oak Bridge
From a photograph by Stephen Dunn
Used with the permission of the photographer.
Selected for Local Color:  Connecticut Stories,
an exhibit offered by the Connecticut chapter of Studio Art Quilt Associates

Under the Charter Oak Bridge--Detail

Coastal Heath--Full
This piece took first place at the 73rd Annual Connecticut Artists Exhibition at the Slater Museum, Norwich, Connecticut, 2016

Coastal Heath--Detail

Eastham Low Tide IV

Eastham Low Tide, Transfigured

Great Head Trail, Full

Great Head Trail, Detail

Eastham Low Tide III--full
Accepted, CT + 6, regional show sponsored by the West Hartford Art League
Purchased November 2016
Collection of Marye Gail Harrison

Eastham Low Tide III, detail

Eastham Low Tide II, full

Eastham Low Tide II, detail

Eastham Low Tide
This piece was juried into the Connecticut Women Artists' Annual Members' Show as well as the Cape Cod Art Association's 2017 National Juried Show, where it was awarded Best in Show and purchased by a visitor from Ohio.

Eastham Low Tide, detail

Sand and Sky--Full

Sand and Sky--Detail

2014 Work

Fragile Ties--Full
I made Fragile Ties for a show at the Hartford Public Library, presented by the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, of which I am a member.  The exhibit honors the library's recent acquisition of two large murals by African-American artist Romare Bearden, and takes as its twin themes jazz and civil rights.  I'm particularly proud of this image because of the challenge of its technique, collage quilting.  I wrote all about it here http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/11/lets-have-big-hand-for.html 
Fragile Ties--Detail
Conflagration, Full
This one is based on an image of a fiery mountainside in Colorado.  I almost tore it up for a collage, but then changed my mind and used it as the inspiration for this piece. I wrote about its inception here, the day it started out as a sun print: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/07/fiber-art-play-date.html

Conflagration, Detail

Low Tide, First Encounter Beach II, full
Before I created this piece, I made another piece, similar to this, also called Low Tide First Encounter Beach. It proved very popular and was the first piece purchased at a group show in which I participated last August at New Haven's River Street Gallery.  I wrote about that show here: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/07/big-day.html
and here: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/08/five-fiber-friends-denouement.html
and here: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/08/today-in-art-sunprints-shibori-and.html
 I was glad to have sold this piece, but disappointed that I wouldn't have my painted and quilted image to view any more.
So I made another one, and this is it.

Low Tide, First Encounter Beach  II, Detail

Woody Sez--Full
Created in conjunction with a production of the presentation, Woody Sez, at Hartford's  Theaterworks.  I wrote about that here:  http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/08/today-in-art-what-would-woody-say.html

Woody Sez--Detail

Foggy Coast
I created this for the Five Fiber Friends show at New Haven's River Street Gallery in August, 2014. It's based on a photo, taken by Joe Rubin, of the foggy coast of Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

This is Joe's original photo.  I recreated it as a whole-cloth quilt--that is, a quilt made of one piece of fabric rather than pieced of many pieces.  In this case, I made a tracing from the original photo, had the tracing enlarged at Staples, then used that enlargement as a pattern which I then traced onto pima cotton and filled out with Inktense pencils and various types of embroidery.  I wrote about the process in this blog post: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/07/work-in-progress-low-tide-foggy-coast.html


Low Tide, First Encounter Beach
Created for Five Fiber Friends, River Street Gallery, New Haven, CT, August and September 2014
Sold August 2014
Private Collection
Weeping Cabbage--Full.  I made these two cabbage quilts for Five Fiber Friends, a show at New Haven's River Street Gallery.  I wrote about making them in this blog post: http://stitching-it-all-together.blogspot.com/2014/05/cabbage-cure-for-anxiety.html
Weeping Cabbage--Detail

Norfolk Fence.
This quilt is aimed at a particular group:  patrons of the public library of Norfolk, CT., where where one of my quilt groups, the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, had a show, Northwest Corner, for the month of May 2014.
Purchased March 2017
Collection of Paul Manning

Norfolk Sign.  This too was made for a show at the Norfolk Public Library.  In it, I use a photo transfer of a folk-art style sign in the middle of the town.

The leaves and acorns on Norfolk Sign are all felted.  The acorn tops are real.
Here's the sign in the middle of Norfolk

Paul Klee's Chocolate Truffles
One of my quilt groups, Women Against the Grain, is running a challenge activity in which participants reproduce or play on a painting by one of five artists, including Paul Klee.  This gave me the excuse I've been waiting for: to re-imagine the shapes in Klee's painting, Suspended Fruit, as rich, layered chocolate truffles. 

Paul Klee's Chocolate Truffles, Detail

A Love Supreme. 

This piece is for Jazz Tones, an art quilt show to appear at the 100 Pearl St. Gallery for the months of June through August 2014.  In this piece, I honor John Coltrane's composition, A Love Supreme, which he composed on the heels of a 1957 religious experience during which he acknowledged his dependency on drugs and alcohol and their effect on his creativity.  A Love Supreme issued from that abyss.

Homage to Cabbage III

Homage to Cabbage III, detail
Unresolved Chord.  I made this for Jazz Tones, a show to be mounted by the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective at the Greater Hartford Arts Council's 100 Pearl St. Gallery from June to August, 2014.  It's an unresolved chord for two reasons:  one, I made it out of iridescent silks that look two different colors in two different lights, and two, because it can't decide whether there are four or five boxes.  Can you see the fifth?

Unresolved Chord--Detail
Hanging Grapes II.  These are sunprints of grape leaves from the vine in my yard.  The grapes are felted.

2013 work

Salute to Grandpa Ott II--full
Purchased February 2014
Collection of Peter and Deb Meny


Salute to Grandpa Ott II--detail

Cape Cod in the Footsteps of Thoreau--full
Cape Cod in the Footsteps of Thoreau--

Trout Brook II

The Shadows Fall
Juried into Sacred Threads, national competition, Herndon, VA

Cape Cod Pitch Pines II--full

Cape Cod Pitch Pines II--detail

Cape Cod Pitch Pines I--Full
Sold--Collection of Eleanor Caplan

Cape Cod Pitch Pines I--Detail

Queen Anne's Lace II

Queen Anne's Lace II--Detail

Tender Beginnings

Secrets of the Cabbage Patch
Secrets of the Cabbage Patch, Detail

Spring Rain

Frost and Flame

Queen Anne's Lace I
SOLD--Private  Collection
Queen Anne's Lace I--Detail

Crushed by the Blues

Every Blade of Grass has its Own Angel

Formula for Happiness

Seeking a Path was juried into Out of the Loop, a fiber art show sponsored by the West Hartford Art League
The Charter Oak was inspired by the painting by Hartford-born Frederic Edwin Church

Glad Sandwiches was juried into Out of the Loop, a fiber show sponsored by the West Hartford Art League

 2012 work

Fall Field I

Fall Field II

Two Ways of Looking at Seaside Goldenrod.  This one won second prize in the West Hartford Art League's 2012 Juried Show

Trail, Cape Cod National Seashore
Sold 2013, collection of Shelagh O'Neill

Farmington Valley, Fall
Collection of Maggie Greene

Dog in Eel Grass.  This one was juried into the West Hartford Art League's 2012 members' juried show.  It's felted with real poodle hair.

 Thus Spake Zarathustra.
This one was juried into Art Quilts Lowell 2012, at the Brush Gallery, part of the Lowell Quilt Festival 
SOLD 2013 Collection of Julia Rosenblum

Serious Sushi

Atlantic Solitude

Salute to Grandpa Ott.  I originally made this piece in 2011, but in 2012, I replaced the original morning glories with these felted versions.
Hanging Grapes.  I originally created this piece in the summer of 2011, but a few months later, in 2012, I added more quilting, and this is the result.

Oak Leaves and Raindrops

Cabbages and Raindrops

Seaweed and Sand Ripples


Lunch Among the Cabbages
This one hung at Impromptu Fibers, a fiber art show in the atrium of the Connecticut Department of Transportation in August 2012

Jack O'Lantern Mushrooms

Glad Sandwiches


2011 work 

Two Ways of Looking at Seaside Goldenrod

Newspaper Riddle, created for an exhibit called Read/Red at the Southbury Public Library, Southbury, CT, January 2012 
Sold, Collection of Lynn Mayo

2011 Work

Detail, Buddhist Temple II (Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep)

Buddhist Temple II (Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep)

Sanctuary, created for an exhibit created by the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, titled Identity, and presented at the Levi Coe Library, Middlefield, CT, November 2011.  Each participant created a 12 x 12 piece expressing their identity.
SOLD 2012, Collection of Maggie Greene
Identity, detail

La Luna, silk trapunto, created for Dianne and Edwin Luna, October 2011

La Luna, detail

Salute to Grandpa Ott, Summer 2011.  A few months later I exchanged the morning glories in this piece for felted versions, which I like better.  The new version is now displayed in my 2012 work.

Salute to Grandpa Ott, Detail

Glowing Cabbage I, Summer 2011

Glowing Cabbage I, Detail

Glowing Cabbage II, Summer 2011

Glowing Cabbage II, Detail

Glowing Cabbage III, Summer 2011.  This now resides in the collection of Lori Bollinger.

Glowing Cabbage III, Detail

Hanging Grapes, Summer 2011.  A year later I added more quilting to this piece, and the result is now displayed in my 2012 work.

Hanging Grapes, Detail

Glowing Cabbage III, summer 2011
Maple Flowers: Nothing Gold can Stay, spring 2011

Maple Flowers:  Nothing Gold can Stay--detail

Sand Ripples, Summer 2011

Sand Ripples,  Detail

Milkweed Pods, Winter 2011
Private Collection

Milkweed pods, detail
2010 work

Homage to Cabbage II, juried into the Lowell Quilt Festival, Lowell, Mass., Summer 2010

Homage to Cabbage II--detail

Entrance, juried into the 100th Exhibition of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, June 2011, Mystic Art Center, Mystic, CT

Many-Colored Polypores, Detail
Add caption
Windy Ravine
Sold 2012
Collection of Barbara Fraher


Many Colored Polypores, created in 2010 and juried into Volusia: Wrapped in Fiber, a competition sponsored by the Florida chapter of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, Daytona, Florida, Winter 2011

Trout Brook, juried into Out of the Loop, a competition sponsored by the West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, Connecticut, Fall 2010

 2009 Work

Homage to Cabbage

Homage to Cabbage, Detail

Brussels Sprouts

Celery Rose
SOLD--private collection

Edge of Winter
Dard Hunter Landscape


  1. It's fun to see so much of your work together! You have such a wonderful approach to your creations!

  2. Diane,
    I love the gallery of your work - it must make you feel proud to see all of your work together!

  3. Diane, I was pleased to see your art quilt featured in the Artists Corner of the Hartford Courant and to go through your gallery. I always admired your quilts at the Show and Tell during the FVQ's meetings. You were always working on something--so creative.

    1. Diane, very beautiful quilts and fabric art - very inspiring artwork. -- Joan and Bill

    2. Thanks so much for checking it out!