Saturday, September 11, 2010

Banner #1 for United Methodist Church of Hartford

This morning I have the pleasure of announcing the completion of the first of three commissioned banners for United Methodist Church of Hartford.  The three banners together will illustrate the three phrases of the congregation's mission statement:  rooted in God's love, growing in God's grace, and bearing the fruits of peace and justice.  I've just finished "rooted in God's love" and have begun work on "growing in God's grace."  I'm very honored to have been given this commission.


  1. Thank you! You always did have good taste. Let me ask you: are you still connected with Shepherd of the Hills? Another church? I'd like it to be known that I take commissions for liturgical banners for any occasion, including church holidays and congregational events. Does that interest you?

  2. Really beautiful, Diane. You do wonderful work!