Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Huppah Adventures: The Quilt Sandwich

I have eight days to finish this project.  Today's a lovely day on the cusp of summer and fall, so I'm going to set up my sewing machine on the deck out back.
Task 1 for today:  Sew down all the edges of the grapes, lilies, and leaves on this portion of the huppah:

They're already heat-bonded down with Steam a Seam, but how long does that adhesive last?  If this huppah is going to continue on to be a baby blanket, it's going to be in the wash, so these motifs better be secured with more than fusible bonding material.  I'm going to use clear monofilament in my needle.  And going around all those little tiny edges will be fun!  Yess!

I guess with quilting, like with anything else, you take the drudgery for the sake of the glory.  I hope I feel some glory when I see my work held aloft on the huppah poles at Temple Habonim, Barrington, R.I.

Next task:  cutting the batting to the same size as the backing.  What was I thinking when I bought this much batting?

Cutting the batting to the same size as the batting, using a clear ruler and a rotary cutter:

Fastening the quilt sandwich together with a tool called a Quiltak:

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