Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wedding Huppah

Wedding huppah dilemma of the day:  recreating the letters and numerals of Julia and Marc's names and dates of birth.  I'm creating the letters in the style of their childhood writing by placing samples of their school work on a light box, tracing the letters onto graph paper, and then tracing them again from the graph paper onto the fabric.  But how to make them permanent on that fabric?
First I tried reproducing them in satin stitch.  After two tries, I got a decent, if somewhat wobbly, Marc Katz.  Thank God for short names.
But what would I do for the tiny curling vowels of Julia's (by comparison) interminable last name?  Who gave her that name, anyway?  (In the unforgettable words of my father, "Are you gonna saddle her with that?)

Solution:  Put the letters onto the fabric with Sharpie marker, using sandpaper underneath to keep the fabric from wiggling.  Questions:  How long do Sharpie letters last on fabric?  Does it matter that the fabric will cease being a huppah and become part of a baby blanket for Julia and Marc's children? 

As with everything else, I'm learning as I go here.  Do any of you sewing experts know better ways to get letters onto fabric?

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