Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grape Almighty!

Dyeing fabric with grapes!
That's what the members of Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective did today.  What else would a bunch of fiber maniacs do on a Saturday in June?

Mary Lachman and Diane Wright putting fabric in the grape dye bath
Who knew you could do this with a can of grape concentrate and a little water?

 We used fresh grapes, too, but the process takes twice as long.

While we were waiting for the grapes to dye our fabric, we experimented with discharge techniques, using bleach and dark fabrics.  Diane Wright made this one by folding black fabric and securing it with clothespins and elastics.  How cool is that?
We also tried a shibori-like discharge process, using a piece of PVC pipe, a piece of silk, and some string.  Carol Eaton, Cher Hurney, and Diane Wright are experimenting with that.

Toni Torres got a mossy look using discharge technique on green fabric.

I made this one using a discharge technique on blue fabric.

The results of the grape dyeing process:  grape concentrate on the left, fresh grapes on the right.

 Then we had lunch!  Roz Spann, Cher Hurney, Toni Torres, with Mary Lachman in the background.

Many thanks to Carol Eaton for the use of her lovely home, and to Carol and Diane Wright for their expertise at dyeing and discharge techniques. You ladies are awesome!

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