Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ripples in the Sand, Part 2

Today, I was able to sneak away from my current free-lance writing assignment and spend an hour or so painting some fabric in an attempt to make it look like ripples in the sand.  Like these ripples:

I'm working from this photo, and after having sewn channels through which to draw cording to create the ripples, I was ready to paint.  I painted silvery white highlights on the crests of the ripples and silvery lavender shadows in the troughs.  Here's the result:

So, next, I'm going to draw cording through the channels in a technique called trapunto.  Then I'll embed the photo above in the quilt, and sandwich the resulting product together with quilt batting and backing.  Then I'll quilt it, probably on the lines of the purple shadows.

That's about it.

In this piece, the sandy background, with its ripples, is a microcosm or closeup of the low tide sandy scene in the inset.  In that photo, the tide is so low there remains only a skim coating of water on the rippled sand, and in that water, the sunset sky is reflected.  With the sky under the feet, heaven has come down to earth.

That's the name of this quilt:  Heaven on Earth.

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