Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hair Today: Another Rite of Passage

Hair Today:  Another Rite of Passage

When you have three girls, you have to deal with their hair.  On school mornings, they would sit on these stools,  decide the hairdo they each wanted that day, and wait for the magic.
Mom's Hair Salon

Pony tail?  Two pony tails?  Topsy tail?  Half pony tail?  Two braids?  One braid?  French braids?  Two French braids? Half French braid?  And there I (or occasionally Joe) would be, with a comb and a brush and a pile of elastics, doing their hair, trying to get them out the door so they could walk to school, a block and a half away.

We built up quite a stock of hair supplies over the years.  Here's a sample:
Rat tail combs, scrunchies ranging from puffy to minimalist, assorted barettes ranging from corny to sophisticated (including a pair of brown and orange ones to go with a Brownie uniform), hair ribbons, a headband for a baby (upper right), a personal favorite.  

All these things lived in a desk drawer in our kitchen.

Until now, that is.

The girls have left the nest:  Julia to graduate school in New York City; Leah to a creative job with the Meredith Corporation, also in New York; and Lucia to the University of Vermont.

My hair is too short for this stuff and Joe is bald.  So we don't need it any more.  Today I emptied the drawer make it a receptacle for Joe's papers, which usually reside in an aesthetically-pleasing pile on our kitchen counter:


So another page is turned in our lives. 

Am I sad?  Naw.  I just want that pile of papers off the counter.

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