Monday, July 28, 2014

Problem Relative

Grandpa Ott, the old guy I hate to love, has no clue where he's not wanted.  His growth habits are--let me try to put this kindly--frisky.  Unless restrained or outright uprooted, he takes over whatever space he shows up in.

Here he's feeling up a globe thistle on the upper left, a cabbage on the lower left, and a fescue on the right.

Did I plant this morning glory next to this cabbage, globe thistle, and fescue?  The answer would be no.  It just showed up there, as it has done every year since the fateful day, many moons ago, when I intentionally planted it.  Once.

Even in places where I do intentionally plant it, like this pot on my deck, Grandpa Ott has to be restrained and told where to go.

There's green garden wire in use here, guiding Grandpa up the window frame

The tulle on the pot--that's another story.
I put up with the invasive qualities of Grandpa Ott morning glories because I love the flowers. 

I think hosannas should sound across the universe every time one of these opens

And so, my friends, if anyone who is reading this is planning to go to my art quilt reception on Sunday August 3, or is otherwise in touch with me, I'll give you one or more Grandpa Ott seedlings, if you would like one.  They constantly appear in my garden, and I have to get them out of there.  Let me know and I'll put one aside in a pot for you.

It's so worth it.  You just have to put Grandpa in a place where you can control him.