Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sewing down mushrooms, sticking down labels

Sewing mushrooms and sticking labels.  Isn't that how everybody spends Wednesdays in July?

I'm getting ready for an art quilt show called Five Fiber Friends, in which I'm one of five fiber artists whose work will be hanging at the River Street Gallery of Fair Haven Furniture in New Haven.  Thus, sewing mushrooms has become necessary:

This image of Jack O'Lantern mushrooms had a few felted mushrooms that needed sewing down.  A few errant leaves, too.

This is one of my favorite pieces, and I'd be flattered if someone wanted to buy it, but I have to say, it looks great in my living room.  The background of the mushrooms is knitted in a pattern and from a color intended to look like bark.  The larger background is hand-painted in a yummy pumpkin-ish color.  

I based this image on a photo of Jack O'Lantern mushrooms taken at Connecticut's Penwood State Park:

Did you know that Jack O'Lantern mushrooms are phosphorescent?  I'd love to see that...but no idea how to do it, as staying overnight in Penwood State Park would  be illegal.

On other pieces, I had to stick down some labels and tweak a few errant leaves back in better directions.

As of now, mushrooms sewn, labels stuck, and leaves tweaked, I'm ready to use my new gear hauler from L.L. Bean to get my work into the Fair Haven Furniture building.  That will be Friday, the day after tomorrow.  

The excitement mounts.

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