Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting the Quilt Sandwich

Today I took the newly-painted quilt backing, layered it with batting, and laid the quilt top over the batting and backing, creating the quilt sandwich.  Then I use a tool called a QuilTak to hold the three layers together so I can quilt them.

Quilting was not easy with all these feet and feet--okay, 7 feet--of heavy appliqued fabric plus backing plus batting.  Lotsa fabric to fit in the dinky space my otherwise irreproachable Viking Lily has to offer.

So now it's quilted. 

Next:  Cut 3" strips for the binding.

Sew the binding into one continuous strip, then pin to the edges of the quilt sandwich:

Almost there!  I'll sew the binding on tomorrow, then the sleeve, and then?  Fini!  Finito!

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